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Sometimes you feel that this is a moment for the change. You feel you need to change the way you live, work, relate, or see yourself. You are ready to change your mind and body, to change the way you see and act in the world. You are prepared to transform yourself.

Sanata Yoga and Coaching is committed to giving you tools for change and supporting you during the transformational process. We believe that by changing ourselves, we change the world in which we live. We all want to live in an exciting, bright, green, sunny world, connected to inspiring people and doing things that matter.

Sanata could be translated from Sanskrit as the endless sun. From the very first day of opening Sanata Yoga and Coaching, we do everything to help people connect to that sun and the unlimited energy source we have in ourselves. You can connect to it with Yoga and Coaching.


As we live, we grow. The growth brings changes in our vision and understanding of life and ourselves. Our physical and spiritual focus also changes. We may start practicing Yoga to become strong and flexible. We may add later the quest for inner energy or a need to recover from injuries. We may become more interested in mental stillness, stress relief, or search for purpose in life or enlightenment than in doing advanced Yoga poses.

Practicing Yoga with an open heart and a curious mind is a lifetime journey. This journey is full of beautiful discoveries and glimpses of the true knowledge, understanding, and "Aha" moments on the way. Sanata Yoga and Coaching will support and guide you on this journey.  

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Today an increasing number of people use coaching to advance in the pursuit of personal development. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process to find solutions to clients' challenges in career, personal relationships, or work-life balance. Coaching inspires and assists the clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. Many of today's most successful business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and creating artists use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.


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Yoga and Coaching

Why is the combination of Yoga and Coaching so powerful? One of the reasons for that could be that they are complementary and multiply the effectiveness of each other. Coaching helps to access your creativity, your experience, and re-evaluate available recourses, and create a clear view of the ultimate goals and the steps to reach them.  On the other hand, Yoga develops self-awareness and discipline. That enables you to stay focused on pursuing the path you have discovered during coaching and do everything it takes to reach your goals.  Coaching is all about finding a quick and efficient way to solve your specific challenge. And when the coaching is done by an experienced yoga teacher, the results are different.   

When you are looking to bring clarity to applying your yoga experience to everyday situations and solving your life challenges, consider our Yoga Coaching programs.


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