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Sanata Yoga and Coaching Studio offers Yoga and Mindfulness-based training programs to businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The programs such as Stress Management and Emotional Resilience helps boost employees' well-being and life satisfaction in a company or a team of any size. 


We will organize for your team Office yoga, Shoulders De-Stress Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Nidra yoga, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga classes. You can invite us to organize Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) classes. We offer yoga workshops, meditation training, yoga weekends, yoga retreats, and private yoga classes. We can also organize a yoga or meditation (lunch) workshop or a yoga or mindfulness break for your team. We can combine for you the yoga practice of your choice with individual or group coaching.


When you are looking to bring clarity to the application of your yoga experience to everyday situations and solving your life challenges consider our Yoga Coaching programs. Our yoga instructors and yoga life coaches work with individual clients and companies.


As we live, grow, and change our physical and spiritual focus also changes. It may be a quest for inner energy, health, recovery from injuries, mental stillness, stress relief, or search for purpose in life or enlightenment which bring people to mindfulness and yoga. No matter the initial motivation, practicing yoga with an open heart and a curious mind is a lifetime journey full of wonderful discoveries and glimpses of the true knowledge, understanding, and "Aha” moments on the way. Sanata Yoga and Coaching Studio will support and guide you on this journey.   

“Upon those who step into the same rivers, different and again different waters flow” (Heraclitus) 

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