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We, Alex and Natalya, started our yoga journey together more than 20 years ago. We have learned with and drawn our inspiration from many teachers: Gosta van Dam and Patrick Vermeulen, the founders of Yoga in Amsterdam, introduced us to Vinyasa, David Williams and David Swenson (Ashtanga), Rusty Wells (Bhakti Flow), David Luery, Richard Miller and many others.

We are fascinated by yoga as one of the paths for achieving mental and physical vitality, experiencing harmony, and (re)connecting with our true self, others, and the universe. 


We share the belief that yoga goes beyond the yoga studio and the yoga mat and is part of a mindful lifestyle.  


We founded Sanata Yoga in November 2017.

Let’s Work Together

Laan Rozenburg 13, Amstelveen

1181 ER The Netherlands

Tel: 0031624568500

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