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De-Stress Coaching & Training Program

Program Description

In this program, you discover what you need to change, learn, and let go to reduce stress in your life and use freed energy to do what you like to do.

During the program, you will train new and activate old skills for stress resilience and stress reduction. The ultimate goal is to make these skills as strong as the habits.

The program aims to create your personalized approach to deal with stress. With this approach, your resilience will be higher, the recovery time will be shorter, the period without stress will be longer. There will be more energy for everything significant in your life.

But firstly, check yourself to what degree you are ready for such a life. Now take a deep inhale and slow exhale and bring yourself into the future, where you are living life with less stress and more energy. What is different?

The program combines coaching and training. Coaching helps to find your specific way to reach the goals of stress reduction. Training enables you to learn and practice techniques that work best for you to smoothing and remove the stress that impedes goal achievement.

Before the start, we will have a discovery meeting.

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Discovery Meeting

The program starts with a discovery session - "Stepping into Inner Peace and Tranquility."

During this conversation with a coach, you will look in a fresh and structured way at your current situation. You will get clarity about your stressors and the skills you have to cope with stress. You will discuss the possible ways to reduce stress and increase resilience. Together with a coach, you will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your effort to be in control of your life. After the session, you will have time to reflect on your discoveries, the coaching method, and the coach's personality. You may decide to implement the new understanding by yourself, work with the coach on specific issues, or take part in 2 months De-stress program.


The discovery session will create an inner space for growth and self-development.  The duration of the discovery session is between 30 and 60 min.

Coaching Program Flow

During the first session, we will map your stress and stressors and do some relaxation exercises. We will discuss how to use the mini-habit approach to integrate your learning into life and set up the accountability system.

During the following 4 sessions, we will continue to work on reducing stress, learning relaxation and stress reduction techniques.

During the last session, we summarize the leaching, check the progress, and create a plan to keep your stress in check.

Format: Online, one hour of coaching per week for 6 weeks within 2 months.


​Price: 470 euro. 

Contact Sanata Coaching email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500

Money-back Guarantee

Should you not reach results within 30 days of doing the program, you can get your money back, no question asked.