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Life Coaching 

A personal way to develop life-changing habits


Time for Life Coaching

People become interested in Life Coaching when they find themselves at the crossroad. They are not satisfied with the current life situation and want to move toward something different. They have tried several times to make changes to their life. They usually have attended training and workshops, but it did not work out. Something was missing. Life Coaching is all about finding what is missing, connecting it with what is already available, find out what is still needed. 


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching as a form of self-discovery and self-transformation. A skilled facilitator (coach) supports the client in clarifying specific personal goals using various coaching techniques. The coach provides guidance and support during and between coaching sessions.  


Life Coaching is a relationship between a coach and a client designed to maximize the client's potential. The coach helps you access your creativity, your experience and re-evaluate available recourses. With the coach's assistance, you discover and get rid of the limiting beliefs that might hold you back. Coaching develops self-awareness and discipline. That enables you to stay focused on pursuing the path you have discovered during coaching do everything it takes to reach your goals.  


Coaching Sessions

The start of the coaching conversation may be a bit unusual to you. You will be talking to someone who doesn't judge you, who believes that you have all the resources to reach your goals. You will be in a conversation with someone who will be thinking with you about how to find your way to do what you want to do and become who you want to be.


The best way to see how it may work for you is to have an informal conversation with a coach, often called a discovery session. The session takes around 30-40 minutes. During it, the coach and the coachee learn about each other and exchange views about the coachee's specific challenges. The coach shares his perspectives on how coaching can help with a given problem.

The outcome of the discovery session can either be an agreement to work together or the realization that coaching is not suitable for this problem.

Contact Sanata Coaching email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500


Walking and Coaching

Why should you consider it?

Do you enjoy walking in nature, in a park or in the city? Do you stroll alone to clear your mind, relax and de-stress, or maybe you like chatting with someone during the walk? Walking and talking is one of the best ways to connect with family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Walking relaxes and re-energizes the body, giving the muscles a workout that increases blood circulation. It also helps oxygen and glucose to reach your brain, calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and sharpens thinking. Walking outdoors and connecting with nature often allows us to find creative solutions to challenging problems. But in some situations walking alone or chatting with a friend is not enough to solve the problem. Especially when you want to get beneath the surface of problems, understand what holds you back, gain fresh insight, or evolve your perspective. In this case, walking and talking with a coach is a much more productive way to find the solution. Whether your problem is personal or professional, Sanata Coaching will create for you a transformative experience through facilitated walks in the natural outdoors. 


Often, we can over-think when attempting to find solutions to our problems. Walking and coaching engage the body in physical exercise, freeing the mind to focus on being in the here and now. A coaching session outdoors is physically active, less formal, more sensory, and more likely to increase creative thought. Walking outdoors heightens your awareness of your environment and involves using all your senses. It enables you to slow your pace down and ground yourself. This calming effect helps with problem-solving and creative thinking. The physical act of walking helps the flow of communication between you and your coach. 


You can engage in coaching conversations while walking with your coach outdoors in an urban area or a natural environment.


How does it work?

You can meet with the coach in person or over phone/video chat for the initial appointments, typically around 30 minutes. This meeting is to learn about you and your goals and create a roadmap for a walking and coaching program.

If you decide to follow on with coaching, you will be enrolled in a coaching program consisting of 2 or 4 weeks of coaching journeys, one-on-one with a personal guide. The program also includes:

Reflective and experiential practices to do in your own time

Mindful walking practice

Coaching exercises 

Accountability and support system

Animals - dogs, cats, horses - are welcome during the walking and coaching sessions.


Walking and coaching is an opportunity for you to have a holistic experience, engaging your mind and body to unlock your potential and move you towards your goals.

Contact Sanata Coaching email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500

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