Private Yoga Practice 

A private yoga class is a different and much more effective way to learn and practice yoga.

There are options to have 1:1 or 1:2 (if you are from the same household) private classes. Safety regulations from the government apply.

Should you want to learn more about the options, let's talk! We can use Zoom or Skype. During the intake, which is free of charge and non-binding, we will get to know each other and discuss your aim(s) and my approach to the teaching of yoga.


We will also cover the following practicalities: 
(i) where the class takes place (a) in the yoga studio, (b) at my private studio, (c) at your location, (d) online; 
(ii) duration of the class, 
(iii) the preferred style of yoga,

(iv) price (from 30 euro to 90 euro). 

Private yoga practice could be organized in the following styles of yoga

Vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa yoga is a vigorous dynamic practice. A Vinyasa class will give you a good workout, revitalizing, strengthening and energizing the whole body. Vinyasa yoga is great for people who want to work hard and develop strength, endurance, and balance. 


The Vinyasa yoga practice is suitable for students with some experience in yoga and for beginners with a good level of fitness.

Yin Yang yoga  

Yin Yang yoga is a combination of Yang Yoga flow with Yin Yoga stretches and meditation, aiming to develop physical and mental awareness. 

Traditional active Yang (Vinyasa) flow and asanas, promoting strength and endurance, are combined with the modern Yin Yoga poses, which develop flexibility, contribute to the overall health of the connective tissues and encourage Chi flow, thus also serving as a gateway to chakra meditation. 

The practice is open and accessible to all levels.

Nidra yoga  

It is a guided meditation practice leading to profound full-body relaxation. It is sometimes called a practice of yogic “sleep”. Your mind remains awake during the practice to follow the relaxation techniques balancing between the world of dreams and consciousness.

Power yoga

Power yoga practice is the combination of Vinyasa asana flow and a short but powerful pranayama session. The practice is designed to improve strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.


It is an active and physically demanding practice suitable for all fitness levels.

Yin yoga 

It is a slow and contemplative practice. Asanas are held for a longer period of time (5 minutes or longer) compared to dynamic forms of yoga. Your body is allowed to gradually “sink into the pose” relying not so much on muscular effort as on gravity. The major physical impact of the practice is on ligaments, joints and other connective tissues.

The practice is open and accessible to all levels.

Gentle Aroma Flow

This practice combines basic Vinyasa sequences and sun salutations for developing your power and core stability with gentle contemplative stretches for hip release, spinal flexibility, and upper body relaxation. And all this is while you are treated to an invigorating mix of essential oils sending you off on “the day of your day” with more energy and a big smile!


This practice is suitable for all levels.

Hatha yoga  

Hatha yoga practice has a focus on deepening understanding of yoga asanas and alignment in the poses. The practice is less dynamic than Vinyasa. There are less flow and more room for exploring and explaining the poses.

Aroma Yin yoga 

During the Aroma Yin practice, we use various essential oils or their blends which are dispensed in the air.  Aromatic oils are used to facilitate deeper muscular relaxation, pain and stress relief and concentration.


Soothing aromas of the essential oils can also help you prepare for better sleep or remove anxiety and worries. Many essential oils have antibacterial and immune system boosting properties.


This practice suitable for all levels.

Shoulders De-stress Yin yoga

This Yin practice has an additional focus on the shoulders and the upper body. You will be practicing asanas, which target shoulder joints to increase their mobility and range of motion. The practice will also help release tension and knots in the surrounding muscles of the upper back and the neck.  The class helps “resetting” your upper body after a long day spent working at a desk, driving or cycling.

It is recommended to students who want to increase body awareness, prevent injuries and improve the quality of sleep.