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Self Confidence Program Power of Balance

Program Description

The Power of Balance program combines classical yoga, deep coaching based on modern science, and ancient wisdom to create a lasting change in your self-perception and in your mindset.

We often regret decisions and words we made and said when we were angered, provoked, pushed to the edge. We were out of balance, out of self-control. We promised ourselves that it would never happen again. And it WILL NOT only if we train ourselves to be centered, grounded, balanced and self-confident.

Usually, the well-structured, focused practice of yoga helps with being centered and grounded.  It will make you more flexible, more robust, more relaxed, and calmer. With regular yoga practice, you also will reach your goals in developing mental capabilities. Yoga works but surely but slowly. Sometimes, you need a faster way forward. In this case, the coach can help.

The Power of Balance program is designed to bring the desired changes much faster. The program will help to regain control, get grounded, and find the energy to move forward. The program helps to find and keep the powerful internal state of balance. From this state, you can move in the direction which would lead you to success in a professional or social sphere.

Discovery Meeting

The program starts with a free Discovery coaching session. In this session, we evaluate the current state of your self-confidence, clarify the goals you want to achieve, for which you need to balance, and have a high level of self-confidence.  We will check how the goals are aligned with your life vision and uncover any self-saboteurs that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Program Flow

After that session, you can start with a one-month trial. The Power of Balance programs includes two or three coaching session per month, homework (exercises) and an accountability system. The yoga (self)practice is discussed and scheduled separately. 


As a result of the combination of yoga and coaching, your yoga practice will increase your self-confidence, which becomes a cornerstone of your progress in achieving your life goals.

Format: Online or in person

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Money-back guarantee

Should you not reach results within 30 days of doing the program, you can get your money back, no question asked.

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