Yoga and Coaching 

A personal way to develop healthy habits

Do you practice yoga at least one time per week? If not, we can help you to start doing it. And if you do practice yoga, and happy with results, then you probably should not read any further.


This page is for yogis and yoginis, who want to go beyond the practice of asanas, pranayamas, and short meditations. It is for those who understood that yoga is one of the powerful tools to mobilize your potential and resources to become a person whom you want to be. 


In ancient times, the yoga teacher would help the student to move further with personal development. In the mordent time, the yoga teacher really has 10 min after the class to answer any students' questions.


Today an increasing number of yoga students use coaching to advance on the pursuit of personal development. With the support of a coach, a specially trained professional, they create a clear view of the ultimate goals and the steps to reach them.  


Coaching helps to access your creativity, your experience, and re-evaluate available recourses. With the help of the coach you discover and let go of any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself that might hold you back. 


On the other hand, yoga develops self-awareness and discipline. That enables you to stay focused on pursuing the path you have discovered during coaching so that you follow through and do everything it takes to reach your goals.   

The best way to see how it may work for you is to have an informal conversation with a coach, often called a discovery session. The session takes around 30-40 minutes. During it, the coach and the coachee learn about each other, exchange the views about yoga and coaching and about specific challenges that the coachee has. The coach shares his or her perspectives on how coaching and yoga can help with a given problem.


The outcome of the discovery session can either be an agreement to work together or the realization that the combination of yoga and coaching is not suitable for this problem. In the case of the agreement, the client can select one of the coaching programs or have the coaching sessions scheduled according to an individual plan.


The coaching and yoga sessions could be organized online or offline.

Alex Balashov, Erickson Academy certified motivational coach and certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), will support you during your transformational journey.


Alex has more than 20 years of experience in different positions in a tough and challenging environment in the legal industry. He is also a dedicated yogi whose yoga experience matches his professional experience.

Contact us for the discovery session or any additional information at


If you are interested only in life coaching, please, contact us for a separate arrangement.

Yoga and Coaching Programs

Stress reduction and deep relaxation program

The ability to relax is a pre-requisite for our good health and wellbeing. You have probably discovered by now that yoga is a great tool for relaxation and de-stress. You may wonder though if all yoga and relaxation technics have the same effect. Are there ways (other than laying down in Shavasana) to induce a deep relaxation state? The stress reduction and deep relaxation program is designed to help you find this out. You will explore various relaxation techniques and experience to find out which ones work best for you. You will learn how to use breath control, visualization and focus to be able to let go, mentally and physically, and stay relaxed even in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle. 


Duration: 3 or 6 months

Includes 2 – 4 coaching sessions per month, yin yoga, yoga Nidra (self)practices, guided relaxation, and guided visualization practices(sessions).  

Quest for Energy Program 

This program has its focus on increasing the level of your energy.  

You probably remember days when your energy was flowing freely: you felt vigor, space, and power to achieve anything your heart would desire. And yet, there might have been days you felt constrained, exhausted and powerless. You already know and feel that you have a big reservoir of internal energy. All you need is to be able to access it and direct the energy to the areas that are the focus of your attention. You have probably heard about chakras. They are said to be whirlpools or vortices distributing energy in a human body. But do they actually exist? Can you sense them and activate them consciously? And what is the practical benefit of balancing them? Can you direct internal energy flows? Those questions are just a start of a conversation about how to increase and maintain a high energy level.

During the program, you will go through a transformation to become a person full of energy.  


Duration: 3 or 6 months.  


Includes: 2 or 3 coaching sessions per month and (self)yoga practice.