Yoga at work

Practice yoga in the office, shop, hospital and at all other workplaces

At any working place, in the office of a bank, a law firm, at school or in a hospital, in the dental practice or a call center, yoga is one of the best ways to keep your employees healthy, engaged and motivated.   

A stiff and sore neck and a lower back, and slumped shoulders, tight hips, and mental fatigue and stress are the physical consequences of hours spent being digitally connected. The stress of communication with the customers, interaction with the students and patients, meeting clients takes it tall on health and emotional wellbeing. Yoga helps to mitigate the negative effects of our working environment by bringing awareness to the body. It offsets the effect of the work-related stressors so that the stress does not become chronic.     

Yoga at work in the corporate or in public sectors is a cost-effective way to support workers at engaging in healthy lifestyle choices, to reduce stress-related health complaints and sick leaves.


Practicing yoga and meditation creates a better work environment reducing conflicts and interpersonal issues and increasing the trust and emotional intelligence of the employees.