Yoga Teachers

Alex discovered yoga more than 20 years ago. He combined this passion for yoga with a career at the leading international law firm until 2017 when he became a full-time teacher at Sanata Yoga Studio. Fascinated by the depth and richness of the world of Alex is constantly on a way to discover new methods and techniques of teaching yoga to bring them to his classes. That all serves to what in his eyes the role of a yoga teacher – inspire and support students during their yoga and life journey.


Alex provides yoga students with clear alignment instruction, comforting hands-on adjustments, and inviting yoga practice. He is happy to explain not only how to do the asana but also why we do it, how to connect yoga and everyday life. Alex is always happy to chat with students after the class, answering questions about the history and philosophy of yoga.

For Natalya, yoga has always been an experiential way to understand the nature of the things, the Self and the world without the obstruction of the mind. She believes in many benefits that yoga brings to one who practices with discipline and dedication. This is not because she studied and read about it (which she did too!) but because she herself experienced the things she teaches.  

Yoga helped Natalya to move further away from pure logical, rational, thinking ego closer to the space of equanimity and balance. One day sitting in meditation and observing the endless stream of thoughts passing through her mind she realized that the mind could not be controlled by the mind. During her yoga practice, she often experienced moments when the mind stopped its chatter and suddenly many things became clear as if the fog obscuring the bright sky lifted. In these moments there was a sense of clarity and direct knowledge which came without any effort.

Be it physical or spiritual,  yoga brings changes in the life of anyone who practices regularly. All is needed is to have a steady practice and curiosity. The change will come and will not be regretted. For Natalya, yoga is the opposite of rational thinking and reasoning. No need for setting the goals and targets. In yoga, change is inevitable as long as one is open to the experience.