Yoga workshops, breaks, classes 

Yoga events could take one of these forms

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness training can be organized for your team or the whole company, as a recurrent or regular event and training or a special getaway. The events can take various forms which will be tailor-made for your company, such as, a yoga class series, yoga workshop, a yoga retreat, yoga break, yoga lunch, to name a few.   

A yoga workshop is a great way to break away from the working routine, release physical tensions and get emotional uplift.  The duration of the workshop will vary from 2 to 3,5 hours and will usually include presentation part, practice part, and deep relaxation. The focus is on learning how to use yoga as a tool to increase physical and mental well-being and how to incorporate the learned skills into everyday mini habits.  The workshops are meant to be fun, inclusive and inspiring, accessible to all, from the stiffest and most shy to the most flexible and outgoing. A workshop can be organized at the company premises or offsite, such as events venues or yoga studios. The workshops can be designed to accommodate specific themes or goals. Our signature workshops are:  shoulders de-stress yoga; yoga for better sleep; yoga for relaxation; mindful breathing, and introduction into yoga. 


Yoga sessions (yoga classes) are organized as a series of at the company premises and have a duration of 45 or 60 minutes over a period of 6 weeks or longer.  The classes can be given in various yoga styles depending on the audience and needs. Basic yoga equipment is needed (i.e., mats, blankets, blocks). Participants have to wear comfortable sports clothes.


A yoga retreat is normally a full day immersion into yoga. A short retreat can fit perfectly in the company “day away” activities or form a weekend-long event. The retreat program usually includes yoga sessions, meditation, and other mindfulness-related activities.   

A yoga break is a 15-30 minute pause during which yoga is practiced in the form of various stretching, breathing and concentration exercises. It can be done in any space available, e.g., at the office space, in the coffee corner or even in the lobby. A desk or chair yoga is one of the forms of yoga break. Usually, a yoga break is something that does not require changing into sports clothes. 


A yoga lunch is a break just before lunch during which body and mind stress releasing exercises are done followed by exercises for mindful eating and mindful conversation. No sports clothes are required.